It took almost 50 years but they are finally coming Batman toys from the 1966-1968 television series and movie. I haven’t been this excited about new toys in a long time. Not that there haven’t been some great toys in the past few years but this is something I and many others of my generation have been wanting for nearly 50 years!!!  So if you see old guys prowling the toy aisles don’t worry they are not after your kids. They are after the amazing nostalgic toys lol!!! Check out our review!

The first toy that came out was a San Diego Con exclusive in July The Batman Batusi box set. This box is amazing and features a great likeness of Adam West Batman in action figure form in a 60′s nightclub setting. The box even play’s the Batusi music and the button on the back when pressed has Batman doing the dance in the box. I love this piece and was on Ebay the Monday following the con and purchased one for the museum. The box even features this great quote by Adam West ” I created the BATUSI when everyone was shaking it too the WATUSI. In our television show, BATMAN just couldn’t resist the music and his urge to get up and dance. And so the BATUSI was born. It immediately became a national dance craze and my moves were copied many times in many movies and TV shows. Do you hear the music? Let’s dance the Batusi!”

This week several Batman items hit toy shelves 1st was the Batman and Robin 2 pack showing them climbing the wall as shown in the opening of the show retail $29.95.  Of course Batman and Robin need to get around so the Batmobile for these great figures also came out retail $59.95 “Holy High Prices Batman”; but it is really cool. Barbie even got in the on the Batman Craze must have met at a club doing the BATUSI together. A Batman and Catwoman Barbie figures were just released retail $39.95 each.

Next month the 1st full wave of 6 inch figures will be in stores which include Batman, Penguin, Riddler, and Beach Batman complete with Surf Board so he can go toe to toe with Sharks that threaten beach goers everywhere. These toys are great likenesses of the actors that we enjoyed form our youth. If you can’t find these great toys in your local stores visit our friends at Amazon to get them delivered right to your door.

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