Hall of Heroes just recently received our largest donation ever Adam West’s personal Batman costume WOW!!! This amazing piece of history was 90 % donated by a private collector . We had to come up with 10% in cash donations and we were able to put the word out to our fans and made it happen thanks to all who helped us acquire this great costume.

I remember as a kid in the 1970′s growing up with Batman and Robin BANG, POW, WOW!!!      I didn’t realize as a kid these were reruns and the original series only ran 3 seasons 1966-1968. Batman was my first of many super hero costumes that I would wear over the years. Halloween 1978, I dressed as the caped crusader in my Ben Cooper Batman costume. I am sure many of you remember the Ben Cooper costumes with the cardboard box with cellophane window. I even have one of these on display in our Bat Cave section of Hall of Heroes. Not my original from 1978 of course that one is long gone.

When the original Adam West Batman costume arrived it was 1978 all over again for me. I felt like a little kid again goose bumps and everything. One of our fellow board of directors Craig came over to help me unpack and display the costume. When we opened it up I looked over and he had tear in his eye. I was not the only one that felt this way about this amazing piece of history that we have received. Over the past few months our attendance has been up nearly 40% mostly due to our fans that grew up with Batman and Robin wanting to come view the original costume.

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