Hall of Heroes History August 25, 1940 Robin The Boy Wonder makes his debut appearance in Detective Comics #38. This comics is historically significant for several reasons the obvious being Robin’s 1st appearance and origin but Robin is also the 1st sidekick. Robin’s popularity to younger readers at the time led to the creation of other sidekicks such as Speedy, Bucky, Toro, Sandy, Captain Marvel Jr and many others. This rare comic which in mint condition is currently valued at nearly $100,000 is on our wish list for our Golden Age section here at Hall of Heroes.

I have a more personal connection to Robin due to several strange coincidences . I was one of the 5 finalists to play Robin in Batman Forever due to being short with dark hair. I was a fitness trainer in the Army at this time early 1990′s . This helped move me up the line by being able to physically  do my own stunts. I was unfortunately beat out by actor Chris O’Donnell for the role due to not having been in any television shows or movies previously. A weird coincidence Chris and I were born 1 day apart June 26, 1970 for Chris O’Donnell and I was born June 27, 1970 how weird is that?? I love talking about Super Heroes and have made many radio and television appearance’s over the years. I have been told many times that I sound just like famous radio personality Casey Kasem, who voiced Robin in the Super Friends cartoons. So apparently I look and sound like Robin The Boy Wonder lol!!!

I have been able to locate a nice restored copy of this important historically and personally significant issue for $10,000. We are in the process of trying to raise funding to acquire this amazing comic. Let us know if you would like to help!!!



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