Welcome to The Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum. Hall of Heroes is the only museum in the world that covers the 70+ year history of Super Heroes in comics, toys, film and animation. In other words we are really cool. Our Super Hero memorabilia collection, that is the largest in the world, is housed in a 2 story replica of The Hall of Justice from the classic Super Friends cartoon. Told you we were cool!!! The Hall of Heroes collection consists of over 10,000 toys, 55,000+ comics and over 100 pieces of original art comic pages and animation cels WOW!!! Some of the more interesting pieces in  our collection is Adam Wests original Batman Costume and William Katt’s original Greatest America Hero costume!!! Comic lovers we have every Super Hero comic from 1956-present which includes a complete Marvel collection again WOW!!!

I have spent the past 35 years building the largest collection in the world and 7 years ago I decided to build this 2 story replica of The Hall of Justice which was my favorite cartoon as a child to share my collection with my fellow fans. I enjoy meeting my fellow fans, weirdos, or nerds like myself that come out to see the our museum for themselves. I have designed the museum to be a time machine that takes us older fans, I am 43 by the way, to take us back to our childhood. I enjoy visiting with fans from my generation 70′s and 80′s that bring their kids to see the museum and they end up enjoying it more than the kids. Hall of Heroes covers the 70+ year history starting with The Golden Age era 1938-1955 then moves into The Silver Age Era 1956-1969 and continues from there. Our special sections include The Batcave, Hollywood Heroes, The Golden Age, The Silver Age, Hanna Barbara, DC and Marvel. I will be doing special blogs on these individual section in the coming weeks.

Again Welcome to our World

Allen Stewart, Curator
Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum
58005 County Road 105
Elkhart Indiana 46517

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