Captain America #1 Restoration Fundraiser

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat do you think of when you think of Captain America: Hero, Soldier, Icon??? He is definitely all of the above. Captain America is one of the most iconic heroes to come out of the Golden Age Era of comics and his introduction in Captain America Comics #1 dated March 1941 was the most popular comic of all of World War II. This famous comic cover depicts an American Super Solider socking Adolf Hitler a real life super villain out to conquer the world square in the jaw! POW!!! Also introduced in this historical comic is Cap’s famous sidekick Bucky Barnes and the villainous Red Skull.

The important thing about this comic is it’s historical significance; yes the 1st appearance and origin of Cap, Bucky and Red Skull are pretty important. Captain America #1 hits newsstands about 9 months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. America was not even in the War when this comic comes out, so why did this happen? The fact is President Franklin Roosevelt was responsible for the creation of Captain America. I am sure you are now confused since Joe Simon and Jack Kirby have been given credit as the creators of Captain America for over 70 years. They were in fact the creators of this classic character but they were no doubt influenced by all of the propaganda being generated at the time by FDR to gather support for America to enter the War and help our European Allies. FDR had been secretly sending aid to his friend and ally Winston Churchill for up to 2 years to help our allies in England. The country as totally opposed to involving ourselves in a War across the ocean but FDR was using Propaganda to try to gain support and make American’s realize how evil Adolf Hitler was. The truth was that when he had won in Europe we would have been next. FDR had this propaganda everywhere newspapers, bill boards,and magazines . This definitely had an effect on Joe Simon and Jack Kirby who created a Super Soldier to combat this growing threat of Hitler and his Nazi troops.

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Hall of Villains Super Villain Haunted House!!!


villains 2The Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum has been captured by Comic Book and Movie Super Villains The Joker, Dr. Doom, Scarecrow, Red Skull, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Venom, Mr. Freeze and many others.
You will enter the pages of a comic book story and be part of the action as you spy on these evil villains and report back to the heroes if you can. If you manage to escape report back to the heroes to let them know when the best time to attack and reclaim the museum.

The villains attack every year in October when they are more powerful to capture the heroes weapons stored here at Hall of Heroes such as Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s Shield, Green Lantern’s Power Ring and Battery, Batman’s Utility Belt and Kryptonite is stored here as well. Your mission is vitally important and dangerous because the villains disguise the museum as a Haunted House to lure victims or to recruit henchmen to help them with their dastardly deeds.

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Holy Toys Batman!!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt took almost 50 years but they are finally coming Batman toys from the 1966-1968 television series and movie. I haven’t been this excited about new toys in a long time. Not that there haven’t been some great toys in the past few years but this is something I and many others of my generation have been wanting for nearly 50 years!!!  So if you see old guys prowling the toy aisles don’t worry they are not after your kids. They are after the amazing nostalgic toys lol!!! Check out our review!
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Holy Costume Batman!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHall of Heroes just recently received our largest donation ever Adam West’s personal Batman costume WOW!!! This amazing piece of history was 90 % donated by a private collector . We had to come up with 10% in cash donations and we were able to put the word out to our fans and made it happen thanks to all who helped us acquire this great costume.

I remember as a kid in the 1970′s growing up with Batman and Robin BANG, POW, WOW!!!      I didn’t realize as a kid these were reruns and the original series only ran 3 seasons 1966-1968. Batman was my first of many super hero costumes that I would wear over the years. Halloween 1978, I dressed as the caped crusader in my Ben Cooper Batman costume. I am sure many of you remember the Ben Cooper costumes with the cardboard box with cellophane window. I even have one of these on display in our Bat Cave section of Hall of Heroes. Not my original from 1978 of course that one is long gone.

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It’s for the Kids!!!

justicehallI have seen so many families come visit the museum over the past 6 years we have been open and the Dad’s always say “I thought this would be fun for the kids”.  This maybe true initially until you get here and you see all of the cool things from your childhood and suddenly you are 10 or 12 years old again. This is why our museum is soo cool it is literally a time machine that takes you back to your youth. Remember sitting in the movie theater or in front of the television on Saturday mornings anxiously awaiting the adventures of your favorite superheroes? My personal favorites were Super Friends and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

Whether you are 10 or 80, The Hall of Heroes Museum has something for you. We feature over 70 years of comic book and superhero history. The Hall of Heroes Museum includes superhero comics, props and memorabilia from the 1940′s to the present, that is sure to thrill, excite and take you back in time to your own childhood no matter your age. This is a small excerpt from our brochures but it is so true. I have seen this from visitors time and time again. Mostly the Dad’s they like to use the kids as an excuse to visit and the kids love it but the adults I would say even more. The Dad’s start talking and sharing stories with their kids or myself about what comics and cartoons they enjoyed as kid. This is such a great bonding experience for the kids and their parents. Guys just a hint your wives may make fun of you later for this but they really think it is cool and maybe even a little hot to see you act like a little  kid again. Every time I hear ” It’s for the Kids” your not fooling me I know it’s for you and the kids make a great excuse to come visit our Super Museum. I don’t judge, heck I’m the crazy guy that built this huge playhouse filled with comics and toys.

Happy Anniversary Robin!!!

1238279_10151828903531054_1490778634_nHall of Heroes History August 25, 1940 Robin The Boy Wonder makes his debut appearance in Detective Comics #38. This comics is historically significant for several reasons the obvious being Robin’s 1st appearance and origin but Robin is also the 1st sidekick. Robin’s popularity to younger readers at the time led to the creation of other sidekicks such as Speedy, Bucky, Toro, Sandy, Captain Marvel Jr and many others. This rare comic which in mint condition is currently valued at nearly $100,000 is on our wish list for our Golden Age section here at Hall of Heroes.

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Hall of Heroes Welcome to our World!!!


Welcome to The Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum. Hall of Heroes is the only museum in the world that covers the 70+ year history of Super Heroes in comics, toys, film and animation. In other words we are really cool. Our Super Hero memorabilia collection, that is the largest in the world, is housed in a 2 story replica of The Hall of Justice from the classic Super Friends cartoon. Told you we were cool!!! The Hall of Heroes collection consists of over 10,000 toys, 55,000+ comics and over 100 pieces of original art comic pages and animation cels WOW!!! Some of the more interesting pieces in  our collection is Adam Wests original Batman Costume and William Katt’s original Greatest America Hero costume!!! Comic lovers we have every Super Hero comic from 1956-present which includes a complete Marvel collection again WOW!!!

I have spent the past 35 years building the largest collection in the world and 7 years ago I decided to build this 2 story replica of The Hall of Justice which was my favorite cartoon as a child to share my collection with my fellow fans. I enjoy meeting my fellow fans, weirdos, or nerds like myself that come out to see the our museum for themselves. I have designed the museum to be a time machine that takes us older fans, I am 43 by the way, to take us back to our childhood. I enjoy visiting with fans from my generation 70′s and 80′s that bring their kids to see the museum and they end up enjoying it more than the kids. Hall of Heroes covers the 70+ year history starting with The Golden Age era 1938-1955 then moves into The Silver Age Era 1956-1969 and continues from there. Our special sections include The Batcave, Hollywood Heroes, The Golden Age, The Silver Age, Hanna Barbara, DC and Marvel. I will be doing special blogs on these individual section in the coming weeks.

Again Welcome to our World

Allen Stewart


Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum

58005 County Road 105

Elkhart Indiana 46517